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How it works

At the tap of your finger

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Tap into the app and select your desired pub and drink. After selection, your order request will be sent directly to the bartenders, so that by the time you arrive, you can collect it from the pub.


Whether that’s shaken or stirred, it’s all done through the convenience of your phone - and ready to sip on arrival.


Never forget your credit card or have to wait for your bill again, as your card details will be stored securely in the payment processor's platform, and will only be charged once you close your tab at the end of the night.

Another round? Just tap, order, drink and share, without ever having to exchange cash or credit cards again.


Drinking out with family and friends? Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered - as with PubOnTapp you can pay for your fair share.

After a few quick clicks, you will be able to share the pub tab with others, so you never have to worry about picking up the bill alone.


Pub Owners

How to be on PubOnTapp

Take Orders

Say farewell to the days of overcrowded pub counters, as with PubOnTapp’s dashboard, bartenders will have a list of all current orders, as well as any customer requests - presented in a clear and simple format.

The dashboard also provides operational metrics, such as highest ordered drinks, so that you can better understand your customer behaviours moving forward.

Get Paid

After guests have closed their drinks tab, they are directly charged to their card on file, meaning your team can focus solely on what they enjoy most: preparing the drinks.


The app will also provide clear data on completed and pending payments, to help ease the stress off a busy pub.

Know your customers

Get to know your customers better, as with PubOnTapp you can enhance your relationship and stay in touch with your past, present and future guests. 


On the app you can share news and promotional offers to get the party going. Have you got a Sunday night quiz night or a Friday Happy Hour you wish to shout about? If so, PubOnTapp is the place to promote it.

Safety first

Ensure safety comes first for all with PubOnTapp. Guests can pre-order their drinks to avoid queuing, whilst pubs can implement an intelligent collection system – set by their time preference – to reduce queues around the bar counter at any one time. 

All payments are made via the app, so there is no exchange of cash or cards, ensuring social distancing is consistently implemented.

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